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Avi Frister, the creator of this unique Price Driven Forex Trading system (PDFT) has over 11 years full time professional experience in forex trading. This product is the result of this experience and experimentation and desire to be in the top 1% of all forex traders, which he certainly is. Like the Profitable Trend Forex System, at the core of the Forex Trading Machine is identifying trends, and understanding when to exploit them to your benefit.

There are 3 components of Forex Trading Machine:
1) Forex Cash Cow - The simplest, most time effective method of PDFT trading, requires a few minues a week to implement
2) Forex Runner - Completely mechanical system allowing tradse of between $200 - $400
3) Forex Flip & Go - High profitablility/Low Risk method for trading EUR/USD. Guaranteed returns

What sets the Forex Trading Machine apart from the competition is Avi's website, which details his system considerably and is very upfront.


 Very User Friendly- Ideal for traders of all levels of experience
 Wealth Of Information- Customers receive over 180 pages in crucial forex trading techniques
 Be in Top 1% of all traders- Follow the instructions and be amongst the most successful
 9 Video Tutorials Included- Detailed video instructions support the course immeasurably
 Money Back Guarantee- 8 week unconditional risk free guarantee

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