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FAP Turbo Review

Finally Automated Forex Software That Delivers On Its Promise Of Consistent Profits
At 95% Accuracy From Minimal Upfront Capital

Imagine If You Could Turn:

$10,000 into $32,900 in just 90 days ??
$370 into $3100 in only 1 month ??
$2500 into $6700 in just 32 days ??


The Problem With Automated Forex Software

There have been many failed attempts at creating a stable and accurate piece of automated forex software. The reason they have failed in the past is the lack of flexibility and control in the settings which determine how you execute your trades.

Furthermore most forex robots come with little to zero support - once you invest you are on your own. If someone could just get it right - and give users enough flexibility in the settings while providing full support to assist the users master the software - Imagine the profit potential???

Well you are in luck cause some very clever people have just done this... And you can profit from it right now..

Introducing FAP Turbo !

If you are thinking the name FAP turbo sounds familiar, then you are dead right. FAP Turbo is basically a supercharged version of the hugely successful Forex AutoPilot System automated forex trader. To cut a long story short 3 IT students called Steve, Mike & Ulrich challenged Marcus Leary to take Forex Auto Pilot to the next level - and that's what was created in FAP Turbo.

What these guys knew was that while Forex Auto Pilot System worked extremely well for most - there were some definite flaws which needed to be fixed.

Specifically they designed a bullet-proof anit-loss system which guarantees your hard earned trading profits stay protected in stealth mode.


Insane back test results. It pulled in 11 winning trades in a row!!! Profit of $302.21. I am going to go live....

Garry, Dallas, TX

Peter, fap turbo is a winner - can't believe my eyes... 20% gain on my account with 7 winning trades.. needed some help setting it up but all sorted now.

Vince, Sydney

Thank you for recomending a forex product that actually works. Love the long term strategy.

Geoff, UK

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How Do You Use It?

To use FAP Turbo you will need a MetaTrader 4 Broker - and they reccomend

Click HERE To Check Them Out (Opens In A New Window).

You can open a demo account there which will allow you to test out FAP Turbo in all its glory without risking a dime of your own capital.

You can also download MetaTrader 4 For FREE From Below  MetaQuotes Site

How Does It Work?

FAP Turbo is based on 2 main strategies:

1 - Short Term Scalping Strategy
2 - Long Term Advanced FAP Strategy

What The Heck Does That Mean???

These 2 strategies work on different timeframes and currency pairs

Short Term Scalping Strategy works on 4 pairs: USD/CAD, EUR/CHF, GBP/CHF, EUR/GBP.

Long Term Strategy just works on EUR/USD M1.

Both of these strategies are built inside 1 FAP turbo EA (Expert Adviser). You can simply switch them on and off, but you need to be sure of the timeframe and currency pairs. You get full step-by-step instructions in the FAP Turbo guide so you are almost guaranteed to get it right first time.

The strategies in FAP Turbo are 100% rules based and 100% tested to verify that they will produce profit for a given timeframe. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping feature of FAP Turbo is its stealth mode. Stealth Mode hides your take profit/ stop loss values from brokers - they are displayed as zero. The stop loss values are fixed which protects your trades.

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What Sets FAP Turbo Apart From The Competition?

fap turbo review

Want Proof??

Check out this report from a Live Real Money Account With A Start Up Size Of Only $500 !


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Q: How Can FAP Turbo claim to be so accurate?

A: The unique algorithm which drives FAP Turbo is based on loss minimization techniques - the program is seeking consistent small profits and minizes your risk.

Q: Do You Need To Open A Forex Account - Isn't That Difficult?

A: Opening a forex account with FAP Turbo could not be easy. They have their own brokering service or you can choose someone else. Full step-by-step instructions are included to help you. There are video tutorials and even live phone support if you get stuck.

Q: Do I Need Experience To Profit From FAP Turbo?

A: It's always advisable to have some level of knowledge or experience before you begine trading forex. Again the extra materials, instructions and support ensure even the 'greenest'of traders can get up and running pretty quickly.

Q: What Is The Magic Behind The FAP Turbo Settings?

A: That is a secret and the only way you will find out is by investing in fap turbo. If they were to give away their settings then anyone could theoretically do it.

Q: I Have Heard This Before... What Makes FAP Turbo Unique?

A: FAP Turbo is different from your average forex software as it is utilized on live markets. The unique algorith has been designed to minimize loss and ensure profit potential is maximized through optimal market conditons.

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